21:13 ersatzkultur [against threefolding]

impersonal power vortex paradoxa. compositioning vicious circles [spiralling out/beyond control]. i. empty spacing: convert something into nothing. ii. unreal artifacting: convert something real into something unreal iii. substitution: replace something actual by something pretensing/performancing. operative modal enhancement. ersatzkultur smashes existing forms of culture by replacing real news with state media [krogh]/’real’ money w/ artificial currencies [franko][plus2.02.1929/bauplastikTM]/ real discourse w/ artifically produced silence. etc. discovery of what is absent/disappeared [limitless trauma] or what has been substituted. « in the province of the law the absence of normativity + of order results in the lack of autonomy of law that is then followed by the structural impossibility of the rule of law. criminality first becomes normal[ised] then normative in a world where nonworkers spend their time in nonjobs only pretending to work because their bureaucratic managers only pretend to pay. [if] there is no space for the autonomy of law there cannot be a normatively regulated civil society independent of [elites or governance techniques/technicians] » conjunctural immensity/kantian sublimation. dissimulation of left polity w/ rightist simulation in-medialis. permanent state of terror enacting excision. resultant: social atomisation, decimation of friendships/ + old loyalties, slippage into anti-value/generalised cynicism + ultranihilism. eight-weighting. i. nihilism doubling ii. legal instrumentalism towards disutility iii. remote-paradiscoursing +/or strategic thinking fades w/in everyday decisionmaking « what was supposed to explain everything turns into nothing. absolute, but remote values prove to be no values, therefore there are no ideological restraints on decisionmakers » adhoc decisionmaking becomes accumulation situational surplus value. utopian fundamentalism: belief is the enemy! iv. disorder/rigidity. overregulation + system-institution. more disorder based on informal interactions. soft machinic transactioning + governance by exception « thus nobody knows what is a rule + what is an exception to it » normative forza! « rigidity of rules may lead to destruction of their normativity » v. bureaucratic anarchy. less normativity fewer rules enforced! « disobedience within the framework of power unrestrained by the law or by its past decisions may become a substitute for freedom » vi. less restraint fewer decisions undermining vertical hierarchies + impersonalisation/regulation. « the right to discretionary decisions + to unlimited negative power destroyed normativity first, then the legitimacy of the law + finally the power itself » vii. emotional exhaustion. the art of dissuasion. viii. evaporation of legitimacy +/or crisis of the crisis state. mistrust levitates charismatics + capstans. culture of permutating substitutions + inconsistencies. mind the gaps! INFRA-STRUCTURE.

genuflection/destabilisation « this side-effect of normativity destruction may increase corruption + thus destroy the fragile legitimacy of private property »

hot news: uk polity enters phase of postcommunism.

derived from woytek lamentowicz [1993] ‘political instability in east central europe: domestic threats to european security + integration’ in jody jensen + ferenc miszlivetz [eds] paradoxes of transition. szombathely: savaria university press
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